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If pop-induced R&B is your bag, then Khalid’s “Motion” the very pinnacle of what I’ve just described. To view the song in any other manner would be a blatant disregard for Khalid intended pursuit, if at all undistinguished. Where Khalid wins plaudits is on the basis of production value, and most importantly, in terms of how he monitors his own vocal range, something of which he has full-command.

“Motion” feels like it was recorded by a wunderkind who watches the sunset from inside the house. In fact, the rest of the album follows a premeditated pattern, an interlude causing a minor interruption of service. But rest assured, the title of “wunderkind” isn’t easily attributed, and Khalid wears it well, even in instances where his singing voice is overly subdued. Clemency is nice when things are going haywire, but otherwise, I’d much rather add sizzle to my steakhouse.

Quotable Lyrics:

Can’t let me go if I’m fallin’
I’ve been on the path of importance
Nothing left, pull you in slowly
The river is running, we’re flowing
I’m coming down, you’ve been rollin’
And we’ll light a flame, now we’re open
Pour me a, pour me a potion
I’m rocking, I’m rocking the motions.

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