Kodak Black ZEZE Video Download Feat Travis Scott, & Offset

Kodak Black ZEZE Video Download

Kodak Black, Travis Scott, & Offset ZEZE Video Download

You know it’s about to be an outlandish experience when Travis Scott sings, submerged in ocean water, while surrounded by nonchalant sharks. Shout out to the effects team, who took the time to render the bubbles coming out of his mouth. In that sense, Kodak Black’s amusing “ZEZE” video Download deftly toes the line between amateur trainwreck and A-list production.

While “director” Father Steve does his best to bring order to the set, what ensues are often hilarious moments of behind-the-scenes interactions. Unfortunately, it’s not all smooth sailing, as Steve failed to expect the scope of the artistic demands. “I requested ass,” explains Travis. “Kodak requested a demon.” Rest assured, the former is delivered in spades, much to the satisfaction of Travis “ass-and-titties lover” Scott. It doesn’t take long for the budget to break; somehow, Father Steve keeps his cool, blowing off steam by shoving hundred dollar bills into a fan.

It’s somewhat of a mess, but an endearing one, as green-screen laden videos often are. Peep “ZEZE” now, and should you be jonesing for an alternate take on the DA Doman banger, check out Joyner Lucas’ recent freestyle here.

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