Metro Boomin-Don’t Come Out The House Feat. 21 Savage Mp3 (Zip Download)

Metro Boomin-Don't Come Out The House Feat. 21 Savage
Metro Boomin-Don’t Come Out The House Feat. 21 Savage Stream

Did we all think 21 Savage would whisper the whole time? Probably not all of us but it seemed like we were headed towards it. We all knew 21 Savage was capable of a performance like this but damn, we’re happy to hear him at his best. At the beginning of the week, none of us were expecting to head into the weekend like this. We knew we were getting new Takeoff but Metro Boomin on the same night? After a lengthy hiatus, Metro Boomin has officially made his return with Not All Heroes Wear Capes, a star-studded affair with plenty of highlights. We’ve decided to highlight one of the 21 Savage tracks for you.

The Atlanta rapper appears several times throughout the tracklist but his top performance is arguably on “Don’t Come Out The House.” Savage adopts a whisper flow on the Young Metro x Tay Keith beat, navigating new territories and straying from his usual tone. We’ve been waiting on a new 21 album for much of the year and his three features on NAHWC will hold us over until he eventually decides to drop.

Metro Boomin was very clearly missed. If you’ve checked out the new album, let us know what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

Y’all must thought that I was gon’ whisper the whole time
I ran out of weed, I sent your b*tch out of town
Gave her fifteen hundred and she came back with pounds
Rappers think they it, but they really just clowns
Gucci store, a hundred thou’, that’s just in a day
Always cheatin’, I’m a dog, think I need a cage
Savage loaded, chips and dip, I’m not talkin’ ’bout Lays
Throwback Rafs, call ’em retros, I’m not talkin’ ’bout J’s

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