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Mick Jenkins and Pro Era’s Dessy Hinds are part of the upstart rap community, waving their “barz” indiscriminately. So naturally, if joined together, the combination would be electric. Producer Stav Z was just the man to make that happen, alongside fellow beatmaker Andy K. For what it’s worth, Stav Z is producer by night, a guitarist by day, both inherent to an overlying musical process. For a rapper like Mick Jenkins, having a localized agenda runs deeper than rap, but being in close proximity to the means of production sure has its benefits and even a cut-rate.

Mick Jenkins’ part is particularly strong, and that’s not because he is cast as the A-side opposite Dessy. There’s obviously a reason Mick starts things off in the leadoff position. Mick expertly oscillates between conditions that are both real and abstract. He raps about his objective reality (tearing down the roof on a convertible), in a manner that doesn’t assume a possessive hold over the lyrical content. Dessy knows his way around a metaphor too, don’t get it twisted.

Quotable Lyrics:

I been taking a mop to these floors
I took the top off the whip
Top off the crib
Keeping it raw,
I don’t do tops anymore
That includes ceilings.

-Mick Jenkins

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