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Facade Records

Facade Records Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis dropped a joint made of fye this week. The project closes with its title track, “Facade Records,” a conclusion whose strength matches the body of work as a whole. Domo’s offering is the product of his competing with himself without distraction from the external. “I’m the kind of person who feels that there’s always something to prove to myself,” the rapper explained. “I’m not competing with outside forces. If I can keep getting better than the last one, no one can tell me anything.”

Domo explained how his collaborators and production duo Mike & Keys inspired the project’s tone. “They pointed out the fact that reality is a facade now. Everybody’s all glitched in the matrix, so reality looks like everyone’s faking it now,” Domo explains. “It stemmed from that and everything I was doing, and getting away from the reality of the music, and it all just came together at the right time.”

Quotable Lyrics
Petty betty business shit, I’m already in it
And I can’t let a nigga put a stain on my image
Like Vontae Davis, I’ma go and leave you niggas to finish
Plus I can’t let you eat up all of my anytime minutes

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