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Ella Mai-Good
Ella Mai Good Bad Download Mp3

Ella Mai’s self-titled rests on the laurels of her singing voice, even in moments where Mustard’s production proves stale. On the second track “Good Bad” the production undertaken by English producer Nana Rogues, goes in a slightly different direction than we’d become accustomed to hearing. As remarked by Rolling Stone in their review of the album, Ella Mai’s singing voice passes for staccato, at her own discretion.

Ella’s debut project with DJ Mustard is an interesting blend of intercontinental influences, with the persuasive American side winning over to some degree. “Good Bad” in a particular, is a special notice to the “baby boys” who react to her every impulse. Picture Tyrese Gibson’s Jody character pulling up on a lowrider with candy dropping out of his mouth. A dignified Ella Mai spends a good amount of time defusing the “good guy” act exemplified by Jody-like characters, all throughout the album.


Quotable Lyrics:

So what if I wake up with a attitude?
You assumin’ that I must be mad at you
I just spent about a day doin’ my hair
Still ain’t fuckin’ with it, I ain’t goin’ nowhere
So what if I wake up with a attitude?
You assumin’ that I must be mad at you
Could’ve said somethin’ when I walked past you
‘Stead of, you’re still in a bad mood, knowin’…

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