Mp3: Gucci Mane – Father’s Day Zip Download

Father's Day

Gucci Mane Father’s Day Mp3 Download

Gucci Mane’s stance hasn’t changed since they opened talks. He still fancies himself the founding father of “trap music,” even though many believe the title belongs to no one exclusively. So what does Gucci Mane resort to – a myopic lesson in planned parenthood? Well, not exactly.

“Father’s Day” isn’t about the son he had out of the wedlock or anything of that sort. In truth, he’s only seeking credit for a style he claims to have “fathered,” while his ATL brethren waited hand and foot. On “Father’s Day,” Gucci Mane stammers in bad intentions, the memory cache still intact. He wastes no time giving us the low: “Metro on my beat, Guwop from the East,” before articulating his points at a blistering pace.

But “Father’s Day” isn’t the only jewel on Gucci’s on Evil Genius, a project that serves two functions: the absolution of his past, and the “woke” fixture of a Gucci-Clone we are only beginning to understand. Check out the rest the LP right here, while you have the chance.

Quotable Lyrics:

I fathered the style, gave you all the wave
But I didn’t get nothin’ for Father’s Day
But I was the one servin’ all the J’s
I was the one cookin’ all the yay.

-Gucci Mane

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