Mp3: Kaytranada Chances Feat. Shay Lia


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Kaytranada has a gift. The Montreal-bred producer has been steadily cooking up grooves, and last night, he dropped off the piece-de-resistance: the Nothin Like U/Chances EP. While the Ty Dolla $ign assisted former has had time to resonate, the Shay Lia “Chances” feels fresh on a variety of levels. Kaytra’s groove is immediately evocative of a disco era, in which synchronized raising of one’s arm at a diagonal angle was considered the move du jour. Yet the time capsule remains crisp by contemporary standards, thanks to a crisp mix.

With a subtle yet bouncing bassline and lush synth arrangement, Kaytra provides Shay Lia with all the tools for success. On that note, Lia wastes little time in making her presence felt, floating over the beat with some restrained vocals. She manages to find the perfect balance; her vocals come to feel like another instrument, driving the track but never hogging the spotlight. Be sure to check this one out, and support Kaytra’s latest endeavor right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t let them slow you
You know you’re getting closer
You’re bound to be golden
Keep on doin’ what you do
Life opens doors, and can’t nobody close them

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