Trey Songz & Dave East Embody The “RnB Thug” On “Rotation”

Trey Songz & Dave East

Trey Songz & Dave East.

Yesterday, Trey Songz delivered 11.28, a double album of the surprise variety. While the project is still being digested by the majority of his fans, there are some opportunities that must not go unseized. Of course, it’s always welcome to see Dave East step into the role of “RnB Thug,” which a position we’ve seen him flirt with in the past.

“Lock ’em, lock ’em down, even get to see the IG, my lil’ baby’s shoes like she was a hypebeast,” sings Trigga. “She walk in the room, coulda heard a mice squeak.” The man needs not honor plural and singular distinctions; he simply does as he pleases. East, no stranger to female affection, is a worthy wingman for the cause. “Me and a couple bros goin’ to Vegas, respected in the streets, I don’t care if I’m on your playlist,” he raps, before admitting that yes, he does use Trey Songz on his bedroom playlist.

Though Trey and Dave hold it down on the vocals, the production deserves due credit. Lex Luger comes through to hold it down, lacing a lush synth banger for the verses. During the pre-chorus, Luger switches the tone with a subtle arpeggio, a testament to his vision. We previously spoke with the producer in October, so be sure to check out our interview right here. In the meantime, catch up with Trey Songz’ extensive 11.28, the rare, yet oft-appreciated surprise double album.

Quotable Lyrics

Me and a couple bros goin’ to Vegas
Respected in the streets, I don’t care if I’m on your playlist
The only way we showin’ up is if you sent that payment
Keep calling me, in love with R&B, we fucked to Trey shit
We the ones that they talk about, it’s so hard not to mention us
Too lazy for a room, fucked in my Benz, I had to tint it up

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