VIDEO: Swizz Beatz – Echo Ft. Nas

Swizz Beatz Echo Ft Nas Video

Swizz Beatz Echo Ft Nas Video.

Swizz Beatz & Nas Echo Video – Music is art, and Swizz Beatz and Nas understand that. That’s why the two hip-hop veterans took the visuals for “Echo” to the MORI Building Digital Art Museum. “Echo” is cinematic, and the video delivers one of the most breathtaking hip-hop visuals of the year. Swizz Beatz begins by rapping in a room filled with intersecting lights. He’s bathed in red light while the blue beams paint a contrasting backdrop.

When the song switches to Nas’ lyrical onslaught, the video gets interesting. Viewers are treated to several exhibits at the Digital Museum. One of them has the Queensbridge rapper sauntering around hanging white lights that flicker on and off to paint the room in darkness and light. Another places Nas and Swizz on a dazzling looking hill while a digital masterpiece is being drawn on the mountain below them. A digital mix of a waterfall and falling comets paint the background behind them. This video is a piece of art.

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