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Young Buck-10 Felonies Zip

Young Buck is making strides towards completing an “official” project under the guidance of a divine council made up of Dre and 50 Cent. In the interim, he’s offered as plenty of supplemental clues, a process that began with the unveiling of 10 Felonies last month.

Buck let out a gasp as he waited for the rest of the World to catch up. A month into that process, the founding member of G-Unit broke his hunger strike with another “teaser” project employing his number 10 motif.

Although the mixtape is labelled as a solo effort, much of the output accounts for the talents of his Cashville Records undercard. As of now, 10 Felonies is only available through Apple music & iTunes.

10 Felonies
1. Reaching
2. Box of Bullets
3. See About It
4. Letter to the Pen (feat. Tray 8)
5. Can’t See Me (feat. Twanee)
6. Cold World (feat. Marknoxx & Olos)
7. Facts
8. Pistol & Pack
9. Funeral Line (feat. Tray 8 & Oskie)
10. Empty (feat. Marknoxx & Olos)

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